Enterprise Strategic Planning & Management Reporting/Dashboard
Software for Co-operative Banks
Internationally Proven, Stable & Compliant to Banking Standards.
Enterprise Strategic Planning & Management Reporting/Dashboard Software for Co-operative Banks
Dac4Cast is a comprehensive "end to end" Enterprise Solution tailored for Co-operative Banks, that demonstrates best practice in Strategic Planning, Rigor, Governance and Regulation, to give key Stake holders such as Financial Regulators and Fund Managers certainty of business robustness. It provides an Integrated audited Financial data capture process with a qualified time sensitive data warehouse to ensure the base data for reporting is accurate.
Benefits to Stakeholders:

Board of Directors:

Shortened reporting timeframes – identify problems earlier so that they can take early
and proactive action to resolve them.
Confidence in the accuracy and integrity of financial reports - Regulators concerned with
material misreporting due to complexity and manual intensive processes demanding
more accurate processes.
Understand institutions ability to withstand market shocks with a resilient and robust
business plans that have been stress tested.
Confidence in decision making. Scenarios proving business plans robustness assist in
supporting sound decision making.


Redirect expensive staff into generating revenue instead of being glorified data entry
operators for spread sheet systems.
Delivering timely and potent information that they can use to run the business
Confidence that information has not been missed in a business strategy that could have
disastrous ramifications.
Being able to demonstrate resilience and robustness to fund managers, credit rating
organisations and other stake holders.
Help to get funding and reduce the cost of funding
Reduce the cost of borrowings and increasing profitability
Ability to demonstrate to regulators risk management and compliance
Assist to keep down regulatory set minimum capital requirements.
Reduce the prospect of fraud, automated reporting harder to manipulate than manual


Focus on strategy not being bogged down compiling reports enabling a better decision
making process.
Being able to respond quickly to stakeholders needs
Improve audit process and compliance.
Enabled to provide audit processes and dynamic information to CEO and Board.
Have more time to analyse, investigate and recommend to improve productivity and


Ability to substantiate and quantify marketing plans to board and management to improve
To apply rigor against business plans to ensure that they are robust enough to cater for a
range of circumstances.
Improving the ROI of business plans by fine tuning them through system modelling.

Risk Management:

Quantifying risk to better mitigate risk.
Coordinated enterprise system consolidates the processes that have to be managed for
risk. The simpler the process the lower the risk.

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Technologies Applicable
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
UniVerse Database
Windows Server