Aldon – Application Life Cycle Management Software:
Change Management, Workflow Management & Release
Management Software Suited for Enterprises with
Development,Testing & Production Environments.
  Aldon - Application Life Cycle Management Software
Aldon's Release Management & Deployment solution allows your software teams to take advantage of lifecycle management processes for the purpose of IT compliance without disrupting or changing your developer's preferred version control application. Developers can continue to perform day-to-day operations like check-out, check-in, synchronize, branch, tag, etc. using the version control tool they choose.

Comprehensive Change Request and Requirements Management:

Our Software Change Management solution automatically verifies, approves, and archives change requests, requirements, and development projects, giving you complete visibility into entire application lifecycle.With Aldon, you can define the process of tracking all bugs and change requests.We give you a single,instantly accessible place from which you can give requestors and approver up-to-the-minute status updates.And when those requests turn into requirements, our solution manages the requirements and specifications just as easily as requests. With Aldon, you get the workflow and automated processes needed to keep track of all relationships that link a requirement back to a specific request with the oversight needed for internal and external compliance programs.

Complete Workflow and Change Management:

Aldon automates and accelerates the workflow and change management process. You can create workflows or custom escalation rules so you can deal with the most complex escalation, notification, and approval rules possible.Our workflow and change management authomatically verifies, approves, and archives change requests, requirements, and development projects so you don't have to.This means that you can get updates at any time, giving you the visibility, enforcebility, and traceability necessary for internal and external compliance.

Automatic Software Configuration Management:

Aldon automatically builds,organizes, and maintains a central inventory of all application components organized by the component's function- not just the directory structures. You can instantly view and access application components across projects, locations ,and divers environments in tandem with multiple projects and multiple teams. This way you can always get information about the status of any application, any project, or any object across the inventory, any time. Armed with the ability to define, automate, and enforce access rules and development processes, you can easily meet business deliverables.

Accurate Distribution and Release Management:

Aldon's automated deployment simplifies and otherwise complex, error-prone manual process.Our solutions ensure that the appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct locations throughout the software development process. Through one screen, you can easily track and manage even highly distributed packages. Aldon deploys all components to appropriate target locations at every stage, and gathers, packages, distributes, and installs application components to all target platforms on a secure, authorized basis.
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