Aldon – Application Life Cycle Management Software:
Change Management, Workflow Management & Release
Management Software Suited for Enterprises with
Development,Testing & Production Environments.
  Application Life Cycle Management Software- Benefits
One Place for Everthing:
Aldon automatically builds, organizes, and maintains a central inventory of all application components.From one screen you can easily view and access all the application components by business function at various stages, across multiple environments, and in conjunction with multiple project teams.
Support for Multiple Releases:
Applications can be broken down into versions or releases. This helps maintain custom versions or modified packaged applications. Our solutions even let your developers maintain a production version concurrently with a new version under development.
Automatic Deployment and Distribution:
Aldon ensures that the appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct locations throughout the software development process. Aldon deploys the compenents to appropriate target locations at every stage.
Improve Software Quality and Reduce costs:
With the complete ability to capture, see, track, and report on all changes and releases, you now have the capability to continuously improve package integrity and further automate workflow.
Developers Developers Everywhere:
You can let your developers collaborate with other team members, concurrently, no matter where they are. They can work in conjunction with whatever version control tool, testing application, or IDE they choose.
Complete Visibility for Management:
Managers can always view, control, and report to auditors every change, all along the development road. Aldon makes achieving IT compliance easy;plus you'll improve productivity and deliver high quality software..
Reusing Code,Never Reinvent:
Aldon helps you reuse code by providing you with a logical metadata registry that stores all your code and services along with descriptive usage tags. You can quickly locate and assemble them into applications rather than build from scratch.
Flexible Outsourcing:
When your development is distributed all over, you can still have control.Specific releases and modules can be created for use by distinct teams,limiting the accessibility of application components to outsourced teams.Outsourced development can be separated from in-house development, but merged when appropriate.
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