Is your Software Support an Obstacle to your Business Growth? KISL has the right solutions!                                                         

Key Problem areas:

  • Old Unsupported Software Applications (Examples:Inventory Software, Production Tracking Software, Procurement Software, CRM Software, Sales Force Automation tools etc.)
  • Many Unresolved Bugs and Change Requests
  • Software not catering to new business requirements
  • IT Staff not easy to retain
  • High cost of software replacement
  • No Documentation
  • No dedicated support from outsourcing company

Key Benefits of KISL's unique approach:

  • Reliable, Risk-free Custom Software Development approach
  • Your old Software will become rich in functionality, reliable and fast!
  • A Predictable Support Structure to meet Deadlines
  • Distributed IT investments instead of big-bang expensive approach

Software Applications Supported (a partial list...)

  • Production Tracking / Production Control Software
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Sales Order Processing Software
  • Procurement / Supply-chain Software
  • Marketing / Sales Force Automation Tools
  • CRM Software
  • Custom Developed ERP Software
  • Immediate deployment of skilled resources
  • Custom Software Development in small and progressive cycles
  • Unsupported software applications brought under reliable and annual maintenance contract
  • Rapid incorporation of functional improvements and bug clean-up
  • Functional enrichment and Performance Tuning
  • Data Integration and Homogeneous Information Architecture
  • Hardware and Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Comprehensive Audit of the Software Applications
  • >> The audit, carried out by the KISL Audit team, will identify and document all problem areas in the Applications
  • Classification & Prioritization
  • >> Then the Classification and Prioritization exercise is carried out. At the end of this exercise all issues are categorized into bugs, performance issues, functional changes and technology upgrade priorities
  • Time & Budget Analysis
  • >> KISL Audit team then presents to the customer's management, a comprehensive recommendation with clear time line and cost. KISL also provides a long term roadmap for the softwares covering all aspects including business priorities
  • Custom Software Development Approach to incorporate new technologies (web, mobile)
  • Code Walkthrough
  • Design Optimization
  • Interfaces for Enterprise Integration
  • Injecting Process design, wherever feasible, in place of transaction orientation
  • Management Dashboard Design
  • MIS Reporting
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • Review of Technology Architecture
  • A Leading Copper Tube Manufacturer in South East Asia had issues in their ERP application
  • Solution Offered: Custom Software Development approach to migrate Legacy ERP Software
  • Situation in (2005/2006)
  • >> Legacy ERP software designed in Visual Basic / Pervasive SQL
  • >> Abrupt withdrawal of vendor support
  • >> No documentation & highly un-structured source code
  • >> Huge budget ramification involved in moving to other ERP software such as SAP
  • >> Management caught in a bind
  • >> IT department comprising of only one system admin
  • What KISL did through its AMTM services
  • >> Immediate deployment of maintenance team
  • >> Initial take-over of application maintenance
  • >> A well structured documentation
  • >> Within 9 months a stable ERP was provided with necessary enhancements
  • >> A 2 year module plan, with clearly defined phases, put to the management
  • >> Custom Software Development with addition of new modules running on .NET and SQL server
  • Benefits
  • >> Customer got a custom developed, stable and technology enriched ERP Software with no disruption to its old software application, at a fractional cost

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