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India’s Best IT Finishing School Program – Queue Employer Program

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by seo@kals in Uncategorized

KALS introduces an Internationally Proven IT Finishing School Program with the following Objectives.

  •  To convert college graduates pursuing software courses into software professionals meeting Mainstream Information Technology standards
  • The only program based on eal life Projectsexecuted for Top International Clients

  • Designed & Developed by Project Teams that fully understand real projects.

  • Communicating with Major Employers regarding the objectives of QEP.

Benefits to Students

  • Acquire Technology expertise that will enable them to deliver Industry grade Software Programs.

  • Understanding of SDLC process

  • Be familiar with all common logical problems

  • Understand Standards, Quality Process, Testing & Communication

  • Develop the habit of meeting Deadlines & productivity standards

Differentiating Factors:

  • Customized Program based on the Current Skill-sets of the Students

  • Administered by experienced Software Managers / Technology Mentors / Technology Leads & ot by Trainers

  • Employer Awareness Creation

  • Project Parameters

  • Industry Grade Commercial Software Applications

  • Live & Real-time

  • Domains covering Insurance, Banking, e-Governance, Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

  • Large & lex

  • Projects from our Current Clients


  • Orientation of the team right from understanding the professional software organisation culture to taking deadlines seriously

  • There will be formal means defined for interacting with business users, understanding specs, writing technical documents, communicating project status and the team will be put through the rigors of managing typical project situations in a professional manner

    Why KALS?

    • Pan-Asian Software Products & Services any

    • Multi-Technology, Multi-Domain Project Experience

    • Proven Track record in QEP Internationally

    • Mentoring Partner for Malaysian Universities

    • Over 500 man years of Software Projects Experience

    • Mentors from Software Project Teams

    Pre-requisites for Students:

    • With good academic track record

    • With basic Aptitude / Logical skills

    • With knowledge of atleast one programming language

    • With knowledge of basic OOPS

    • With basic communication skills

    • With good attitude towards learning

    Students End Goal:

    • How to understand a given specifications / requirement?

    • How to translate a low-level specification to syntax?

    • How to review a task for completeness?

    • How to manage priorities & multi-tasking?

    • How to handle customer expectations during Onsite projects?

    • How to handle escalated roles in projects?

    • How to perform other critical roles in a project (other than a developer)?

    • How to measure productivity & improve?

    • How to handle an R&D exercise?

    • How to become a Mentor for your own team members?

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