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Document Imaging System – Case Study

July 6th, 2012 | Posted by Rajendhran in System Design

Designed to address the Document routing & imaging needs of an Insurance Company.

This project essentially automated the underwriting process right from proposal inception to policy issuance. All the nuances & intricacies of the underwriting process such as rules, rule-based routing, authorization, users & privileges were handled to satisfy the business needs of the users.

Business Challenges & Solution

The increasing complexity of the underwriting process & increasing volume posed business challenges to the new business cycle. As a first step towards resolving the challenge through workflow automation, the underwriting process was automated. This project takes care of the following:

  • Scanning of proposal related documents
  • Verification of scanned documents
  • Indexing & storing of the scanned documents
  • Routing of these documents for underwriting
  • Authorization & levels in viewing data
  • Index search & faster retrieval of documents

Key Design Challenges

  • Design of a superior performance oriented system
  • Authorization levels were different in different branches
  • To tightly integrate with legacy back-end (through a HOT key facility to AS400-based Policy 400 System)

Multi-Technology Platforms used:

  • Paper Clip (with Hotkey facility), Gupta SQL, VB with VBX library (from Diamond head s/w)
  • Hardware Noss Juke box server – HP401X & HP80FX
  • Fijitsu Scannar M3093E (25PPM)
  • Storage Capacity 40GB and 80GB
  • Total no. of policies 230,000 (approx as on date)
  • Backlog cleared 120,000 (approx as on date)
  • New cases per year 20000


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