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Develop .NET apps in a breeze…

July 15th, 2012 | Posted by rajendhran.r in .NET | Telerik Controls

,NET is a great platform to develop enterprise applications, and developers have a plenty of tools available from Microsoft as well as ISVs.

Applications which comply with Web 2.0 standard can be designed with most of the functionalities of desktop applications.  This is possible with Ajax, CSS3 and HTML5.

Right from simple menu design to complex web service, the modern users expect more user-friendliness.  They should also be equipped to run on mobile platforms like Android, Win Mobile, iPhone, Tablet PCs, etc.

One of the plugins which provide the developer a great advantage of exploiting the power of HTML5/CSS/Ajax combo is Telerik Controls.

In this series, we can learn how enterprise web applications can be developed with desktop functionalities and great look and feel, using Telerik Controls plugins. These plugins can be downloaded form telerik.com website, and incorporated in to Visual Studio.

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