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Develop .NET apps in a breeze (Part-3)

August 3rd, 2012 | Posted by rajendhran.r in .NET | Telerik Controls

Telerik RadMenu


Brief Description:

The RadMenu Controls enables us to bind the menu items from database. RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX is an advanced navigation control for ASP.NET allowing us to build lightweight, search-engine friendly menu systems.



1. Semantic Rendering for Minimal HTML – It implements a highly efficient semantic rendering, which uses list items and CSS instead of tables. As a result, the HTML output is significantly reduced, which dramatically improves performance. We can change the look and feel of this RadMenu by changing the Skin Property.

If we require some custom look and feel then we can design the css class for that and use in this menu.


<telerik:RadMenu ID="radMenu" runat="server" ExpandAnimation-Type="InOutElastic" Width="100%" Skin="WebBlue">
        <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" NavigateUrl="Dashboard.aspx" Text="Home" />
        <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="Class">
            <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="Fire">
                   <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="Fire Insurance" />
                   <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="House owner/Householder Insurance" />
               <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="Medical" />
               <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" Text="Liability" />
       <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Cursor" NavigateUrl="Login.aspx" Text="Sign Out" />



     cursor:pointer !important;

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