Channel Management System (CMS)
addressed the key factors to the success of business
  CMS - Channel Management System - Offerings
Our product Precentia CMS offers
Easy Ties Into any Version Control System
1. Channel Communication Portal which Serve as communication bridge with distribution channels on latest news announcement, statement account, promotional materials, newsroom, learning center, event calendar, awards & contest, info bulletin, production and proposal / policy status
Provides financial calculator (retirement, home mortgage)
2. Percentia Agent which provides Customer Management which includes entry of customer data and retrieval of customer data for quick reference
Contact management which provides setting up of appointments, periodical appointment reminder, diary on preparation for appointment and update on status of appointment
3.Fact Finding which includes
Ability to capture financial data of customer
Ability to review financial status of customer
4.Financial Needs Analysis which has Ability to engage sales concept during prospecting
Income replacement
Recommend products, benefits and premiums Complete workflow and Change management
5.Sales Illustrations withSelection of plans:
Entry of plan details
Generation of premiums, benefits, coverage and projected value
Proposal input with e-signature to provide seamless and paperless proposal submission to back-end
Jet underwriting to accept standard proposals
Provides scheduler training updates
Training registration for participation
Updates of training availability