Consultant Management Sales System
Web-based Agency Management Software for Life Insurers
Internationally Proven. Multi-Product, Multi-Channel Support.
  Consultant Management Sales System - Features

CMSS Modules & Features :

Sales Tools:
Prospect Profiling
Setup / Maintain Prospect details
Financial Need Analysis
Profiling Prospects based on various criteria
Total Financial Planning
Financial Tools such as Retirement Planning,Income Replacement Planning, Education
Sales Illustration
Product sales Illustrations
Management Tools
Agency Management
Agency Training and Recruitment Analysis Productivity & Sales Activities Analysis Agency
Benefits management Agency Contract Maintenance
Policy Holder Management
Reporting for Policy Status, Renewal, Lapse,Maturity Daily collection tracking Pending
application / issuance list Pending re-instatement / claims / alterations Policy enquiries
Information & Personal Office Tools
Things to do today
User Maintenance
Agency Circular & Communication
Alerts and Reminders
Road Show Activity Schedule
Training Module
Email management
E- Suggestions
Sales Illustrations

Functionalities :

3-tier Web based application
Online / Offline modes / PDA
SQL Server 2005
Windows 2003, SQL Server Express