Docuflo - Document Management & Imaging Software
Internationally Proven Cross-Industry Solution
Quick to implement, Stable & Cost-effective.
  Docuflo – Document Management Software
Docuflo is an "electronic filing cabinet” that allows you to store and manage all your files and documents electronically. It minimizes the need for physical storage space, reduces the need to create multiple copies of a single document and eliminates manual searching and retrieval of document. Authorized users can scan, import, index, archive, retrieve, view, print, send and manage business-critical information from the office or from anywhere in the world via the web browser. No more misfiled documents. No more running around to multiple locations to find the information. No more lost time.
Docuflo is a scalable solution that grows with your company – more users, more processes, and bigger geographical coverage. Docuflo application server, database server and image server may be running on different Windows 2003 Server for scalability and high performance.
Docuflo not only manages physical documents but also your electronic documents that are created using MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, AutoCAD, PDF, etc.
Docuflo supports document life cycle management. You can effectively manage documents throughout their life cycle from authoring through review, approval, distribution and archiving.
Docuflo supports routing of documents and process management allowing companies to reduce the process gaps and eliminate idle time. With a desktop tool like web browser, information request can be easily submitted and approvers notified and action taken easily from anywhere and anytime.
Docuflo - Benefits
Eliminate the inherent paper problems: missing, torn, duplication and distribution
Achieve similar benefits as email: instant delivery and retrieve from anywhere
Electronic filing: sharing, security, fast access, extended reach and zero waiting time
Connect people, process and information across the enterprise
Improve Customer Relation: provide the right information to the right people at the right time
Facilitate effective decision process: reliable, instant access to document / information
Reduce operational overhead costs
Reduce idle time and process gap: instant availability of information
Minimise risk: no lost / misplaced documentss
Enforce best practices and regulatory compliance
Enables Business Continuity Planning

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