Joint Software Development
Multi-Technology, Multi-Domain, Flexible Outsourcing Models
  Joint Software Development
KALS offers software development teams that integrate in a seam less manner with your own in-house team for the duration of the project.
Your organization could retain the expertise of your in house project team but get supplementary teams from KALS to fill in gaps in areas such as technology architecture, coding, testing and project management OR it could be to address the issue of insufficient head counts.

Technology Expertise:

Java, J2EE across IBM, Oracle and Sun Application Servers
Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#), SQL Server
Open Source Technologies
Databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostGreSQL
Systems Programming using C, C++, PERL,Shell Scripting
Legacy Systems such as Informix, Ingres, AS/400, COBOL, RPG etc.
Reporting tools
KALS also offers Flexible joint development models - like offshore onshore - that help our partners manage project cost better.
We can take care of post delivery commitments such as multi location implementation, bug fixing, maintenance and upgrades. This could release your own team from mundane activities towards more productive new project opportunities


Your project team has sufficient personnel with the required skills at the right time
The effect of recruitment uncertainties on the project are minimized
You’re in - house development team could work on its inherent strengths instead of weaknesses
The technical skills and competence of the augmented KALS team is assured thus addressing a major concern area for you
The team can be disbanded at the end of the project thereby ensuring efficient cost management

When is Joint Software Development relevant to your organization?

You have commenced a software development project that requires rapid ramp up of team
The project is in an area of technology or domain where you’re in house team may have short comings
The project is of long duration and you believe that a judicious combination of own employees as well as outsourced resources could
be the optimum solution.