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    Application Modernization Services:
    Retain your older technology Software and modernize it for better
    use of historical data.
      Application Modernization Services
    KALS Applications Modernization Services offers you attractive options to invigorate your IT environment without the huge costs, complexities and risks associated with big bang approaches.
    Fundamental to Application Modernization strategy is retention of software and systems that are already working for your organization and to build layers and components for added dimensions of process, function and technology enrichment.
    Broadly Application Modernization caters to the following objectives:
    Retention of historical investment in proven application software systems
    Selective rewrite of modules in the existing application system for functional, performance as well as process improvements
    Retention of historical Hardware and Network investments to the extent possible
    Migration of application software to lower cost modern platforms
    Retention of historical data and its structure if the same be found beneficial to the organization
    Thorough Analysis & Refinement Business Process and Data prior to change
    Integration of Data and Business Process between the old and newer systems
    Web enablement of select application components of the older system with a view to build process bridges to outside business entities
    Web enablement of select application components to remove redundancy in Data capture
    Exploring easier options of loose integration between old and new application
    Minimum pressure on users in terms of changes business process and workflow
    Forward engineering applications to modern parameters and goals
    This includes Web enabling currently running applications. KALS shall propose a migration approach to web enable some of the applications to newer technologies.