Percentia Group
Policy Administration system to handle Group life policies
Internationally Proven, Stable & Secure
  Precentia Group
The comprehensive Group Life administration system that supports different product designs to cater for different needs of corporate customers. It has a high degree of fit to meet flexible product’s needs with a fully functioning administration platform. PrecentiaGroup has demonstrated great reliability to support unorthodox product designs in the group business.
Our Product Precentia Group offers
1. Product maintenance which provides
Group Term Whole Life, Disability, Personal Accident, Medical & Dread Disease
Centralised intelligence for all modules
Comprehensive parameter / formulae maintenance
2. New business which gives
Electronically transferred of quotation to proposal module
Calculates all members' premiums
Presentation proposal / quotation
Underwrites substandard cases and load premiums
3. Policy servicing which supports comprehensive minor & financial alterations
4. Claims which supports on
Total & Permanent Disability
Personal Accident
Dread Disease
Medical based reimbursement/cash simple and comprehensive benefits
Additional/accelerated types of claims
5. Disbursements which include
Payment of claims & channel compensations
Refund of payments due to alterations
Centralized disbursement for all modules
6. Intermediary Management
Generate commission
Registration of intermediaries
7. Renewals which generate inforce schemes for renewal
8. Reinsurance which
Supports Treaty RI
Generates profit commission & claim recovery
9. Accounting which
Generates GL entries
Integrates with 3rd party Accounting software