Precentia Takaful
Policy Administration system supporting Islamic Insurance
(Takaful products) Internationally Proven, Stable & Secure
  Precentia Takaful
Precentia Takaful is the comprehensive Takaful Administration system utilizing state-of-the-art technology that provides total Syariah solution.
Our product Precentia Takaful offers
1. Accomodation of different type of Takaful Model like
Product Model : Investment-linked Takaful Model
Wakalah Model : Upfront fee based on gross contributions
2. Syariah & Regulatory Compliant
Proven technology and certified Syariah and regulatory compliant
3. Competitive Advantages
Provide high quality service throughout the entire system.
4. Accomodate different type of Takaful Model
Proven technology designed for the future using Java Solution.