Technology Mentoring Services
Customized Mentoring Programme for in-house IT Teams
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  Technology Mentoring Services
KALS offers this fairly unique service and the objective of this is to equip your in-house development teams with new technology skills. Mentoring can also be the solution when you are targeting to significantly improve the level of maturity of your in-house team. KALS will design and implement a customized mentoring program.


Assess the level of skills of the team by technology
Identify problem areas based on historical project data
Assess the level of SDLC and domain knowledge available with individual team member
Create a shadow software project that represents the target competence from the team and get it approved by the client management
Identify the key challenges and priorities with respect to mentoring
Identify and Communicate to client management the possible results that could be achieved and the effort, time and resources required
Based on management approval and feedback develop a detailed Mentoring project plan.
Mentoring plan to include - general technology / process tutorial sessions - assessment mechanisms and support materials as well as
Execute the plan, review periodically and keep the management appraised of progress

Benefits of Mentoring:

It builds on the strengths that are unique to your team
Takes into account past data
Is based on detailed investigation and assessment of skills
Delivers clear and achievable technology and delivery maturity capabilities
Creates Systems, processes and standards that can be used in real life project execution by your team
Better long term self sufficiency in cross training teams and skills up gradation

When should you look at the mentoring option?

You have a good in house team with potential to reach higher levels of competence
You have a software development project in a new area of technology
Some of your older applications are to be moved to new technologies
You are losing development staff to competition significantly