Quality Assurance
Proven Quality Assurance Methodologies to execute
International Software Projects & IT Services.
  Quality Process
KALS is unflinchingly committed to continuous quality improvement and for consistently striving to deliver levels of services and products that conform to contractual obligations and fitness for purpose. ISO methodologies are adopted throughout SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Therefore, quality is not a blip that occurs just at the coding time, but begins when client expectations are set and progresses right through every step in the development process.
Tested and proven project management skills are deployed. Proactive reviews are initiated and executed, and the processes are ably managed by speciallyated competent project managers. Clients are thus assured of superior solutions, delivered on time, at the most effective investment levels.
The systematic quality milestones followed by KALS are:
Pre-contract Estimation
Post contract
Quality Assurance The two dimensional process
Test Plan & Shipment
The systematic quality milestones followed by KALS are:
For a given client requirement specification, KALS's project leader does a detailed estimation using methods like function point analysis, to determine the effort, timeframe & other relevant attributes. This is reviewed internally by the project manager and then submitted to the client.
Post contract
Detailed contract review
Project plan
Contract review
The process ensures that the customer requirements are adequately met.
Detailed system study
The output of this process is the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) which describes the
Scope of the System
Details System Features
Screen Shots.
Project Plan
Based on the previous milestones & the contract, a very detailed project plan is arrived at. This plan document consists of,
Project organization
Delivery Date
Status reporting
Quality objectives
Software configuration on management
Training Plan
Day-wise schedule
The output of this process are the High Level (HLD) and the Low Level (LLD).
HLD document
Data-flow Diagrams.
Entity Relationship Diagrams.
Process Dictionary.
Data Dictionary.
LLD document
Technical Architecture.
The output of this process are completely tested units using unit test plans both by programmers and Quality Assurance Personnel.
A complete application is walked through using previously prepared Integration Test plans by Quality Assurance Personnel. Quality Assurance team consists of three distinct entities, which perform a thorough two dimensional quality process. The three entities under the QA head are:
The Developers.
Software Quality Assurance.
Complete Application Walkthrough.
The matrix below details the exact process of QA in KALS. Each level undergoes all the three testing stages. This ensures that any application delivered by KALS conforms to the strictness quality norms.
User Acceptance Tests
The application at the end of rigorous QA process to the client for testing as per the test plan. Bugs reported are fixed.
The application, post client test is replicated. These copies are tested and shipped to the client's place. Training is provided to the users after the installation.