Virtual Insure
Web based, Integrated, Product Suite for Life & General Insurers
Multi-Product, Multi-Channel Support. Proven & Stable
  Virtual Insure – Integrated Software for Life & General Insurers
Virtual Insure is a web based, state-of-the-art, Comprehensive Product Suite for Life & General Insurers.
Individual Life: Virtual Insure - Comprehensive
Group Life & Annuity: Virtual Insure - Group
Front Office functions: Virtual Insure – Front Office Non-Life
Front Office functions: Virtual Insure – Front Office
Salient features:
360 degree view of Prospects & Customers across the Marketing, Sales and Customer Support cycles.
Functionality for every element in the Insurance chain – HO, Agents, Corporate Agents, Mobile users,
Call centers and Clients
Built in marketing, sales force management and CRM functions across all types of products and clients
Information systems that empower corporate distribution channels and large clients
Strong focus on process automation through workflow
Component design that shall smoothly handle future changes in product rules, business processes and
computation logic
A system that handles all types of Insurance products (Individual, group and Annuity) in a uniform manner
It provides a state of the art, integrated, front & back office functionality
The benefits of Virtual Insure are
Simple Roll Out
No User Licensing Requirements
Highly Scalable
Highly Secure
Drag & drop. Click & Browse. Easy to Use
Centralised Web Architecture

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Java/J2EE Technologies
Supports Multiple Application
Open Source Databases
MVC2 Architecture
Windows Platform